Online Dictionary v2

Today there is no need to carry around large dictionaries and run to the library to find the definition for the right word. Online dictionaries are always at hand. You do not need to register or pay anything – it is all free at your fingertips. Simply connect to the Internet and use online dictionaries, or install a simple plugin for your browser and search several dictionaries at once from the handy toolbar in 1 click!
In addition to traditional dictionaries, there are also a wide selection of specialized dictionaries: dictionary of synonyms, thesauri dictionaries, legal, medical, economic terms, and many others. Searching for specific terms? Take advantage of the specialised dictionaries, such as economic, scientific, computer or medical dictionaries. In addition, you also can now translate entire texts using the free tools provided online. Modern online translators feature nearly 50 languages!
There are so many dictionaries online, you just have to try a few out and figure out which works best for you. Of course, there also are specialised apps, such as DictionaryBoss™. As long as you can find your definition quickly and it is clear for you to understand, you’re good to go!

DictionaryBoss™ Tools

The DictionaryBoss™ toolbar is a very useful application that can help you to improve the way you handle the English language.  There are a lot of options in this toolbar that come in handy at all times when you are online.

There are six major menu categories in the DictionaryBoss™ toolbar. All of these are able to add a lot of value to the work that a person is doing using them. These functions are as follows:

  1. Definition – this is where you will be able to find the right and accurate explanation of any word that you need. It is a direct connection to the website. It has a reputation as one of the best dictionaries in the online arena.
  2. Word of the day – this is a simple application in the DictionaryBoss™ toolbar. It will introduce new words to the user on a daily basis. This is very good option to increase the vocabulary of any person and more over, this application will help you to have more words in stock to use in future instances. It can gradually improve the style of writing in English language.
  3. Spell check – this option enables the users to check the spelling of the words used in a content they have written. This will eradicate the spelling errors and increase the quality of the content.
  4. Translator – this is one of the most interesting aspects of the DictionaryBoss™ toolbar. This is a factor, which distinguishes the toolbar from the competition. This translator will enable you to translate almost any language to English. One of the striking features of this application is that it is so easy to use. The application will easily translate the entire webpage to English with just a single click of the mouse.
  5. Urban dictionary – this is a dictionary that deals with the meanings of the street slang. There will be some words and phrases that may not be there in the standard English language. These words originate from the various words that people use to define things or situations in their casual talking. You will be able to find and learn about these types of words and phrases with the help of the urban dictionary.
  6. Wikipedia – this is on of the most important aspects of the DictionaryBoss™ toolbar. This is a direct link to the Wikipedia site that can provide the information regarding anything under the sun.

Installing and unistalling DictionaryBoss™ is real easy, it only takes a few clicks and a couple of minutes of your time.

Toolbar Compatibility

DictionaryBoss™ toolbars are compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

and the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 7 and up
  • Firefox 3.6 and up.

Certain toolbars are compatible with Google Chrome and Safari (Mac OS 10.5 and up). Chrome and Safari compatibility is being added. If your desired toolbar is not currently compatible with either of these browsers, check back soon.

DictionaryBoss™ Content

DictionaryBoss™ toolbar is the doorway to better English


The DictionaryBoss™ toolbar is a free application that you can find on the World Wide Web to improve the quality of the way you use English language. It has a lot of unique features that will help to improve the way a person writes in English. There are a lot of benefits for using the DictionaryBoss™ toolbar. This will enable you to access all the various tools in the web which can help you to understand the meaning of the words you use along with improving the style of writing in English. Just like any other toolbar, this also have a number of different applications. They are as follows:

  • Definition
  • Word of the day
  • Spell check
  • Translator
  • Urban dictionary and
  • Wikipedia


All these different applications in the World Wide Web are very helpful in increasing the hold of a person over the English language in more ways than one. The definition tool helps to understand the meaning of a word completely. This is a direct link to the website in the web. It is one of the biggest and widely used online dictionaries in the web. Due to the presence of this in the toolbar, you will never feel that you don’t know the meaning of a word. It will in turn change the way you write the English language. This will also enable you to understand and use more words in the language. The word of the day application is also aimed at increasing the vocabulary of a person using the DictionaryBoss™ toolbar. With the help of the word of the day window, you will be able to know about new words each day and this will enable one to use those words in the future.


The spell check option in the DictionaryBoss™ toolbar makes it easy to find out the misspelled words in the content a person has written. This will help a person in two different ways. Firstly, it will ensure that the content is free from spelling errors and secondly, it will help the person to know about the common mistakes that he makes and also the right spellings of the words.  The translator makes it possible for the user to translate about 50 different languages to English. All this will ultimately increase the knowledge of any person who uses it. The urban dictionary will help in finding out the meanings of the street slang. The presence of Wikipedia opens up the world of information on the web to the screen of the user. All these applications make the DictionaryBoss™ toolbar so unique in many ways.

DictionaryBoss™ Install

Once on the DictionaryBoss™ download page, click “Download Now” button. This will open the following prompt

Click Save File to start installation, or Cancel to leave it. Once the executable is saved, you are ready to begin. Double click the DictionaryBoss.exe

You are going to be warned that this is an executable file, and you need to be careful when downloading files from the internet. Click OK

Click Run

Now the installation will begin. Here you will see the description of the DictionaryBoss™ toolbar. By checking the appropriate checkboxes you can either make MyWebSearch your default web search engine and/or making the MyWebSearch your homepage (Optional). Once you have made your choices, you can go on and click Install button

The installation will take about a minute, and you will see its progress on the screen

Once the progress bar is full, the installation is completed and you can press the Finish button and start using DictionaryBoss™.


DictionaryBoss™ Uninstall

Uninstalling DictionaryBoss™

If at any point you are no longer happy with the DictionaryBoss™ toolbar, you can always uninstall it. Basically, you have two options of doing this.

1. Simply click on the Tools button, choose Toolbar Options and then click Uninstall DictionaryBoss™

Click Yes;

Click OK

Reboot the computer. That’s it!

2. Firefox users: in your browser click Tools and choose Add-ons. This will open a list of all Add-ons that you might have installed. Besides the DictionaryBoss™ click the Disable button

At this point, you will need to restart your browser. And you are done!

To reset your web search, homepage, and default search please follow this guide

Spell Check

Before submitting that important paper or sending that official letter, be sure to check your text for spelling errors, in order to avoid them looking unprofessional and hastily prepared.  If you are unsure of the spelling of a word, you can use a free online spell check service, use a specialised spell-check app, or try the built-in spell check features of your word processing software.

A spell checker enables you to quickly and easily check your texts or words for spelling mistakes and offers instant feedback, suggesting the correct spelling along the way. Some spell checkers can even correct mistakes as you type, although some users find this feature annoying.

Of course, it is better to simply be sure of the correct spelling of the words, but these handy spell checker tools can offer a failsafe solution just in case. To avoid embarrassment or misunderstanding, it is a good idea to run your text through before other people see it.

Using spell checkers frequently should help you remember the spelling for those difficult words, and eventually you will have to rely on those checkers less and less. However, if you would like to learn how to rely on them less in the future, you would have to think about building out your vocabulary and working on improving your spelling abilities.

Most specialised apps, such as DictionaryBoss™ contain built-in spell-checkers, so you should have no problems finding a tool to check spelling of your work.

Translators Usage

Effortless translating with TranslationBuddy™


A person who has once used the TranslationBuddy™ translator and dictionary tool will not look for any other such program. That much is the difference in advantages while using the TranslationBuddy™. Every internet user would have faced the problem of language translation at some point of time while surfing the internet. If you have tried using some of the other translators that are available in the web, you will be having knowledge about how difficult and time consuming the actual process is. With the TranslationBuddy™, there are no time consuming and multiple processes to go through in order to translate a page to a language that you understand. The easy steps and the fast result could be the main reasons for the immense popularity of TranslationBuddy™ among the people.


TranslationBuddy™ is a free translation software available in the web. Any person can simply download and install it in to his computer. It does not require you to be a techy or an expert with sound technical know-how to go through the installation procedure. Just the basic knowledge about computers is more than enough to do this. Like the installation process, using this software is also really simple. Translation of a webpage was never this easy. A single click of the mouse is that it needs to provide you with the translated web page in to the language of your choice. It is is capable of translating from and to about 50 different languages. Along with this, the TranslationBuddy™ is packed with a lot of other exciting and useful features.


This application has considerably reduced the number of steps involved in translating a page and this is helping the users to save a lot of time. The time saving aspect makes the people more and more efficient. The TranslationBuddy™ is able to translate any type of a document irrespective of the fact that it is in PDF, word or text. This application does not require the user to copy and paste the content to be translated to any space in it. Instead of this, the application directly translates the entire web page to a language based on the choice of the user. Over and above the efficiency of the translator, the dictionary in TranslationBuddy™ is associated with the leading names in the field.

Download TranslationBuddy™ Here

Translation Software

Easy translation of web pages with TranslationBuddy™


For all the people who are surfing the World Wide Web finds it difficult to get the pages they need in the language they understand. There are different ways to overcome this sort of a problem. One of the ways is to learn the language in which the page is and it is not at all a practical option. The second way is to get the help of a translator who can interpret the page and provide you with the information contained in it. This is also not a practical option at all times. The third option is to use some sort of applications or software that translates the page in to the language that the user understands. There are a lot of such software and applications in the web. Even though option is practical, there are some disadvantages for it. The main one among them is the amount of time each of these applications or software takes to do the process of translation. At times, you may also find it difficult to find the right program that can translate a specific language to English. TranslationBuddy™ is one of these applications that you can depend on for all your online translation needs at any time. It is the perfect solution for all these problems.


TranslationBuddy™ is a very efficient program that can easily translate other languages in to English. This is a tool that has been able to overcome all the advantages that the traditional translator programs had. Swiftness and efficiency are the main aspects that make the TranslationBuddy™ tool popular among the people. More and more people are now becoming aware of the benefits of using TranslationBuddy™ and this adds to the immense popularity of it. The newer version of TranslationBuddy™ is out now. It is a much improved version than the older one. The improvements have made it undisputedly the best tool in the entire web world that has in it the application of a translator and a dictionary.


Even though there are a lot of benefits for using the TranslationBuddy™, one of the main aspect which underlines the ease of use is the installation procedure itself. It is so easy to install this application to the computer. All you have to do to install it to the computer is to download it and run the program. The program itself will do all the rest. The TranslationBuddy™ has also reduced the time taken to translate the page considerably well. There is no lengthy processes involved for translating a page to English if you are using TranslationBuddy™. Translation becomes so easy when it comes to the use of TranslationBuddy™, as the program will do it in a single click of the mouse. The most important aspect about TranslationBuddy™ is that it is able to translate from and to about 50 different languages.

 Download TranslationBuddy™ Here

Translator Features

TranslationBuddy™ – Accuracy Redefined

TranslationBuddy™ has been enjoying a leading position in translation software as well as translation assistance for quite some time.  It can be called an outstanding software that is full of advanced specifications and features. The accuracy of the translator along with its availability in more than 50 languages makes it one among the best. The software is also equipped to support a number of formats and file types.

Accuracy is of great significance when it comes to translation software. TranslationBuddy™ has astonished the users with its great accuracy levels. Many critics say that it is not 100 percent accurate. However, it is extremely satisfying when the normal users are concerned. Even the critics give full score to the software in case of punctuation. No other product can boast about being cent percent effective in punctuation. Effectiveness is the key to becoming great translation software. This is something that the creators of TranslationBuddy™ have understood.

The latest version of the software is TranslationBuddy™. It is feature-rich software that helps the users in getting accurate translations without making much of an effort.  The program integration concept has taken the ease of use factor into consideration. This makes the effort to translate content from platforms like Microsoft word, minimal. You need not worry about the program integration, much as you have the option of copying and pasting content into the software. Instant translations of a webpage can be obtained with the help of this software. It is a standout feature as the ease of browsing through the internet has improved with the introduction of such revolutionary features.

The grammar checker in this software is truly outstanding as it helps in eliminating all the grammar mistakes in the given text within no time. A dictionary tool is also offered in this software to help the users in writing and translations.

Download TranslationBuddy™ Here

Dictionary Apps

Apps, or Addons are software packs, that are used to enhance and complement the existing features of a software program. This could be a plugin for your spreadsheet, expansion pack for your media player, or in this case, a toolbar for your browser that helps you access some of the best dictionary resources on the Internet! DictionaryBoss™, TranslationBuddy™ are such examples of software utilities, which come handy at your desk.