DictionaryBoss™ Install

Once on the Dictionary-for.me download page, click “Download Now” button. This will open the following prompt

Click Save File to start installation, or Cancel to leave it. Once the executable is saved, you are ready to begin. Double click the DictionaryBoss.exe

You are going to be warned that this is an executable file, and you need to be careful when downloading files from the internet. Click OK

Click Run

Now the installation will begin. Here you will see the description of the Dictionary-for.me toolbar. By checking the appropriate checkboxes you can either make MyWebSearch your default web search engine and/or making the MyWebSearch your homepage (Optional). Once you have made your choices, you can go on and click Install button

The installation will take about a minute, and you will see its progress on the screen

Once the progress bar is full, the installation is completed and you can press the Finish button and start using Dictionary-for.me.


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