Spell Check

Before submitting that important paper or sending that official letter, be sure to check your text for spelling errors, in order to avoid them looking unprofessional and hastily prepared.  If you are unsure of the spelling of a word, you can use a free online spell check service, use a specialised spell-check app, or try the built-in spell check features of your word processing software.

A spell checker enables you to quickly and easily check your texts or words for spelling mistakes and offers instant feedback, suggesting the correct spelling along the way. Some spell checkers can even correct mistakes as you type, although some users find this feature annoying.

Of course, it is better to simply be sure of the correct spelling of the words, but these handy spell checker tools can offer a failsafe solution just in case. To avoid embarrassment or misunderstanding, it is a good idea to run your text through before other people see it.

Using spell checkers frequently should help you remember the spelling for those difficult words, and eventually you will have to rely on those checkers less and less. However, if you would like to learn how to rely on them less in the future, you would have to think about building out your vocabulary and working on improving your spelling abilities.

Most specialised apps, such as Dictionary-for.me™ contain built-in spell-checkers, so you should have no problems finding a tool to check spelling of your work.

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